The Top 5 MCT Oils for Keto in 2019

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Amongst the 45 million Americans attempting a diet each year, the keto diet reigns supreme. According to Google, keto-related topics were the number one health-related topic searched in 2018.

It doesn’t look to be losing steam. Al Roker lost 40 pounds the keto diet and said it “doesn’t suck.” Halle Berry swears by it. Instagram is obsessed with it. MCT oil is liquid fat from coconut or palm oils. It provides certain types of fat that aid ketosis when the body burns fat in the absence of glucose.

An MCT oil supplement is a popular addition to keto diets. Global MCT sales are expected to take in 2.5 billion dollars by 2025. According to one MCT supplier, the number of companies producing an MCT product has tripled in the past 18 months.

Below are MCT oil reviews that aim to clarify your next MCT oil purchase. This top 5 MCT oil review shows that many of these oils might seem similar. However, the best MCT oil will contain certifiable ingredients and coconut, not palm, oil extracts.

Vival Naturals

viva naturals MCT oil

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Quest Nutrition

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protocol for life balance MCT oil

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Sports Research

sports research organic MCT oil

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Benefits and Uses of MCT Oil

What is MCT oil? MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides.

Triglycerides are fats, and MCT’s are fats of medium length. These fats are easily consumed by your body and have been proven to potentially reduce the likelihood of obesity.

MCT oil is just MCT in a liquid form. One of the more obvious benefits of MCT oil is that it is easily incorporated into a diet. Smoothies, salad dressings, capsules, and more all can accommodate MCT oil.

But where do these oils come from?

They largely come from coconut oil mixed with palm oil. MCT’s themselves are used in a variety of applications, as their easily properties make them ideal sustenance. These fats are so efficient that they make excellent energy sources because they don’t have to be broken down to enter a cell.

As well, MCT oil weight loss is real as it can act as an appetite suppressant. The length of these fats is advantageous. Since they are so easily broken down, your body doesn’t waste as much energy. With less energy lost and more available, your body doesn’t get as “hungry”.

Other benefits of MCT oil are an increase in the amount of “fuel’ for your brain. The keto diet replaces glucose with ketones as your body’s energy source. Ketones are the product of fats synthesized by the liver. The liver then sends these ketones throughout the body, particularly the brain.

The ketones emitted by the liver and into the brain might actually be better for your brain than typical glucose. They are more efficient in their oxygen use and actually create more mitochondria in brain cells. More mitochondria mean more chances to produce energy. More energy means a healthier brain.

Can MCT oil also help with epilepsy? There is a growing body of evidence that the production of ketones and MCT oil can lessen the frequency of seizures for epileptics. While this has proven to show some potential, more research is needed. What is true is that MCT can work better than some popular epileptic drugs on the market.

Finally, there is growing evidence that MCT oil may assist athletes during exercise and recovery periods. Some research has shown MCT to reduce lactate levels in athletes during and after exercise. Lactate inhibits muscles from working at capacity. Reducing their levels would help athletes work harder and longer.

The health benefits of MCT oil grow every day. Choosing the best MCT oil in 2019 is not an easy task. Which MCT oil brand is best? Below are the top 5 MCT oils for keto in 2019.

Our Top Picks

Viva Naturals MCT Oil


viva naturals MCT oil | the top 5 MCT oils

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Viva Naturals MCT Oil is one of the cleanest MCT products on the market today. Organic and non-GMO, this MCT oil harvests from 100% sustainable sources.

Recently Viva switched its MCT source from palm to coconut oil. While the fatty acid percentage remained the same, the switch meant that Viva would be using coconuts, which are more sustainably harvested.

Viva is also adamant that no solvents are used to separate the fatty acids from the coconut oil. Solvents can lead to impurities and ruin the profile of an MCT oil. Viva’s careful fractionation process uses heat to slowly extract the proper concentrations of fatty acids.

One of the best attributes of Viva Naturals MCT oil is that it is odorless and tasteless. This oil can be placed in many different recipes or drinks without any added unpleasant taste or odor. Viva users can have MCT oil in coffee without the strange taste.

Finally, Viva markets its product as compatible with “low carb diets”. It does not explicitly say “keto diets,” and users should be aware that this product may contain glutinous ingredients.

Dr.Keto Organic Diet MCT Oil


Dr.Keto MCT oil with hemp | the top 5 MCT oils

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Organic Diet has put out an MCT oil keto followers can get excited about. This particular MCT oil comes with 20% hemp extract. The hemp extract adds an added level of benefits and gives the oil a different profile.

As a proven ketosis supplement, this oil is not only keto-friendly but also paleo-friendly. It is vegan and non-GMO. It is, however, not certified organic.  It is also dairy and gluten free.

The inclusion of hemp gives the added benefit of having anti-anxiety properties to the product. It should be clear that hemp oil has no cannabinoids. That means no THC, CBD, or any other chemical that would make the sale of this product more complicated – or illegal.

Hemp oil is similar to other oils, such as sunflower, and is high in antioxidants and full of nutritional value.

The hemp extract also brings the distinct smell of hemp to the product. Users should prepare for the smell of hemp. The taste is also present, although many users have found it pleasant.

Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil


quest nutrition MCT oil | the top 5 MCT oils

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Quest has put forth a powdered MCT oil in a powdered form. This MCT oil powder is versatile as it is used in different ways than the oil. However, users should be aware that this product is not MCT coconut oil but is made with palm kernel oil instead.

This product is keto-friendly. None of the ingredients include glucose. However, the label clearly says it contains “milk-derived ingredients”. As well, this product is not organic, non-GMO, vegan, or paleo friendly.

The benefit of a powder is that it is used in baking. Unlike liquid MCT, a powder can be added to the dry ingredients and baked into food without altering the basic structure of the recipe. As well, adding the powder as coffee creamer provides a much more realistic experience than adding regular oil into your coffee.

Overall, the powder adds a creamier texture to liquids. It has a mild taste and is odorless, so users do not have to worry about strange scents and tastes. This product blends easily and is a good option for budget-conscious, keto followers.

Protocol Life Balance


protocol for life balance MCT oil | the top 5 MCT oils

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Protocol Life Balance MCT oil is derived exclusively from organic coconut oil. The label claims it is keto-friendly, vegan, USDA organic, and non-GMO certified. Protocol Life Balance has created one of the most unadulterated MCT oils on the market, as evidenced by the ingredient list on the product.

The ratio of fatty acids in this MCT oil is similar to the other brands mentioned, at 60:40 C8 to C10. While Protocol Life does not indicate that it is dairy or gluten free, the back of the product says it is processed in a facility without gluten or dairy ingredients.

However. it does say that it is packaged in a facility that may contain gluten or dairy ingredients.

The lack of additives makes this product an excellent choice for those looking to incorporate MCT oil into their lives without much fuss. An odorless and tasteless product, this MCT oil can be put in all sorts of smoothies, coffees, dressings, or other foods without any alteration to taste or odor.

Sports Research MCT Oil


sports research organic MCT oil | the top 5 MCT oils

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Sports research has created a product that checks many boxes for the keto diet. This may be the best MCT oil brand because it takes the most critical aspects of the other products and rolls them into one product.

First, this product is pure fatty acids. No additives or extra ingredients are in Sports Research MCT oil. It is vegan and keto-friendly. As well, it is dairy and gluten free, which many MCT oils cannot claim. It is also non-GMO.

This MCT oil is made from 100% sustainably sourced, non-GMO coconuts. The taste is officially unflavored, and there is also no smell. The product is designed to be mixed unobtrusively with a variety of shakes and foods.

Sports Research might also be the best MCT oil as it is the only product to note on its packaging that it should be kept in specific containers such as glass, metal, or safe plastics. Fatty acids can absorb the lining of certain plastics and Styrofoam, which then transfer to the consumer.

Written by Andrew

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