The Best Testosterone Boosters That Help You Gain Testosterone

the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

Not every guy out there suffers from low testosterone, but studies show that in general, men these days have far less testosterone than past generations. And although low testosterone may not sound like a health problem, it can impact more than just your ability to build muscle.

Health effects like lethargy, depression, diminished cognitive function, and even osteoporosis can occur in men with low testosterone—and hitting the gym can become a challenge too.

So, what’s the solution?

It’s finding the best test booster that can have impressive effects on both your health and your ability to beast out in the gym. Here we’ll review the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone.


testo fuel testosterone booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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Prime Male Test Booster

prime male testosterone booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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TestRX Test Booster

testRX test booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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testogen testosterone booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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testo max testosterone booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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What is Testosterone and How Does it Build Muscle?

Testosterone is a hormone, and men’s bodies produce it primarily in the testicles. Both men and women produce testosterone, but it starts to dip for everyone around age 30 and beyond. A severe lack of the hormone can cause issues with both physical and mental health, and it can also sap your energy.

The hormone is also essential for building muscle, and too little testosterone can result in thinner bones (osteoporosis) or worse. Even guys with average levels of testosterone can see benefits from natural supplements.

So, do testosterone boosters work?

Ramping up your level of testosterone helps your body burn fat more effectively, makes exercise more efficient, and helps increase muscle mass.

Testosterone heightens your body’s neurotransmitters, enhancing tissue growth. The hormone also interacts with receptors in your DNA and jump-starts protein synthesis. Remember, protein is what helps you build muscle, so the more effective your system is at processing it, the better off you’ll be.

The best testosterone booster for muscle gain will increase your overall levels of growth hormones, so the exercise you’re already doing is made even more impactful. You won’t build muscle by taking test boosters and sitting around on the couch, of course.

But adding supplements to increase testosterone can’t hurt your performance—only help it. When it comes to the question of do test boosters work, it depends on how much work you’re willing to put in. Check out our test booster reviews below for the best supplement for your workout.

What Are the Benefits and Uses of a Test Booster?

A natural testosterone booster can help get your body back to baseline levels of testosterone (or beyond). The more testosterone in your system, the more resources your body has to amp up muscle development.

You can drop fat, build muscle, and get stronger with a test booster. Overall, you can achieve a leaner look and even experience higher levels of energy before, during, and after your workouts.

And did you know: there are at least 5 foods that kill testosterone, too. If you’re regularly eating soy products, dairy, licorice root, bread and pastries, or certain fats, you might see a related dip in testosterone.

If you had low levels before, you might even notice changes in your mood or sexual performance. The perks can also extend to your mental abilities: with higher testosterone levels, you could see better memory retention, heightened math reasoning, and enhanced special abilities.

Many athletes and even casual lifters use testosterone boosters to reach lifting and fitness goals that seem to be just out of reach. In many cases, using a supplement can help you get over a plateau in your muscle building efforts.

Ready to hit your targets and make better progress in the gym? Read on for testosterone booster reviews and our picks for the best testosterone booster on the market.

The Top 5 Testosterone Boosters for 2019



testo fuel testosterone booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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  • Contains oyster extract, an uncommon zinc source and libido booster
  • Risk free 90-day trial
  • Large doses of all ingredients
  • Contains red dye for the ‘look’
  • Oyster extract could pose allergy issues

Testofuel is a top-rated testosterone booster and receives endorsement by five-time Mr. Olympia—which is saying something. With three powerful main ingredients—D-aspartic acid, vitamin D, and oyster extract—Testofuel focuses on the top testosterone producers rather than a long list of added nutrients.

Oyster extract not only contains a ton of zinc, but it also has a reputation for enhancing libido and providing aphrodisiac effects. Vitamin D supports anabolic hormones like testosterone and promotes your metabolic health.

D-aspartic acid is a common T booster ingredient, and Testofuel’s formula includes plenty of it—2,300mg to be exact. 100mg each of Asian red Panax ginseng and fenugreek seed provide an added nutritional boost, and there’s the typical D3, K2, B6, and magnesium, too.

K2 delivers an anabolic hormone boost, but if you were going to eat your way to higher K2, that would involve a lot of fat. Testofuel’s formula ups the vitamin K without adding fat to your diet, though the daily value is rather low at 23 percent.

Prime Male


prime male testosterone booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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  • Focuses on vitality and energy levels
  • Offers exceptional support for libido
  • Combination of 12 nutrients for health, vitality, and muscle building
  • Not primarily a muscle-building T supplement
  • Must take the pills (four per day) throughout the day
  • Contains red dye

A natural test booster aimed at guys over the age of 30, the benefits of Prime Male center on regaining the vitality of your youth. The nutrients aim to help with weight loss, true, but the primary goal is getting you back to feeling like your [younger] self.

Prime Male is mainly an “anti-aging supplement,” so it’s not concentrating on bulking or cutting. That said, if you’re still eating right and working out hard, you will see improvements in your physique—it’s just not the focus of this t supplement.

Prime Male contains D-aspartic acid calcium chelate for releasing luteinizing hormones (those true t-boosters), Bioperine for enhancing your body’s absorption of all nutrients, boron for increasing bioavailability of testosterone, Korean red ginseng for libido enhancement, and luteolin to block estrogen.

Also in the formula are macuna pruriens extract for even better libido and sperm function, nettle root to make testosterone more freely available, zinc to release luteinizing hormones for testosterone stimulation, and a handful of vitamins (D, B, and K) for both overall health and another testosterone bump.

  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Don’t need to cycle with TestRX
  • See results in four weeks or less
  • Vitamins and minerals for better recovery time
  • Less affordable than comparable options
  • Lack of specifics when it comes to label information (daily values, etcetera)

TestRX supplements have a reputation as the best testosterone pills for bulking and recovery. The manufacturer notes you’ll “boost energy” and “get ripped,” so clearly the focus is on building muscle.

TestRX concentrates on ZMA, their acronym for what they deem the most vital part of testosterone boosting: vitamin B6, magnesium aspartate, and zinc monomethionine aspartate. With these ingredients combined, TestRX highlights, you can increase your HGH and testosterone levels quickly.

The top rated testosterone booster also contains saponins from fenugreek for decreasing body fat and enhancing testosterone bioavailability and levels, vitamin D3 for boosting testosterone even without catching a ton of rays, and vitamin K2 for avoiding bone loss.

B6 helps tamp down estrogen, and magnesium aspartate helps oxygenate your muscles and manage glucose more effectively, which can help your body respond more effectively to tough workouts. Of course, there’s also D-aspartic acid for boosting testosterone production.

TestRX also comes with a money-back guarantee so you can try two containers without any risk to your wallet.



testogen testosterone booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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  • Energy-boosting B vitamins
  • Cholesterol reducing ingredients
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Estrogen-lowering ingredients
  • Only available online

TestoGen has a reputation as the best natural testosterone booster as it contains plenty of B vitamins for energy and zinc, another helpful nutrient for guys dealing with the effects of low testosterone. The B vitamins themselves—B6 in particular—help avoid deficiency, which is another contributor to high estrogen levels.

Also in the mix are components like magnesium, helpful for relaxing and getting a good night’s rest, plus natural testosterone-building herbs like fenugreek and boron. Boron also lowers estrogen levels, which could help enhance your gains even faster, and it has earned excellent results in placebo studies concentrating on testosterone levels.

TestoGen adds Bioperine to their blend too, and the black pepper derivative makes the supplement’s other ingredients absorb better. Nettle leaf extract helps isolate the testosterone already in your system, keeping it from attaching to proteins, under which conditions it’s practically useless.

Adding to the nature factor, vitamin D further enhances your body’s ability to use testosterone. The effects of vitamin D also increase alongside magnesium, boron, and vitamin K, giving you a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals as a natural testosterone boost.



testo max testosterone booster | the best testosterone boosters that help you gain testosterone

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  • Extremely high levels of D-aspartic acid
  • High levels of zinc for recovery and clarity
  • Energizing B vitamins
  • Mood boosting and stamina benefits
  • Suggested workout period may not work for everyone

Testo-Max’s highlights are threefold: the strength and energy supplement increases your stamina while offering bulking and strength support. This T booster is ideal for extreme gains during bulking and cutting cycles and helps enhance your recovery, too.

The blend of D-aspartic acid, zinc, magnesium, D vitamins, B vitamins, and K vitamins gives your body a natural boost come gym (and other) time. D-aspartic acid is a huge part of your body’s testosterone processing, so adding this to the formula helps your body create more luteinizing hormone—the predecessor to testosterone.

A staggering 2,352mg of D-aspartic acid is in each serving of Testo-Max, and a ton of B vitamins help keep you energized and avoid burnout. Like similar blends, Testo-Max also contains boron, Bioperine, fenugreek, ginseng, and nettle leaf extract—but not in levels anywhere near as high as the D-aspartic acid.

Testo-Max recommends a two-months-on and 1.5- weeks-off schedule, which may earn you ideal results, but the timeline won’t work for everyone. If you stick with it, though, you’ll likely see greater mental clarity and enhanced gains with Testo-Max.

Written by Andrew

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