Superfoods: Guide to Improving Health with Important Nutrients

various Superfoods in small bowls

Superfoods are packed with nutrients, infusing your body with vitamins and minerals quickly and powerfully. Incorporating them into a healthy diet can help your body fight disease, stay energized and digest nutrients properly.

These health tips can help you incorporate superfoods into your diet. These foods aren’t miracle workers, though. If you’re not following a healthy diet, they won’t deliver the most effective results.

Drink Green Juice

Dark, leafy greens are rich in vitamins A and C. Plus, they have plenty of calcium, which most people assume only comes from dairy products. If you don’t consume milk, yogurt or cheese regularly, incorporating greens into your diet can improve your bone health.

Don’t like the taste or texture? Juice kale or spinach. These veggies are largely tasteless when incorporated into a smoothie or drink, especially if you add something sweet, such as beets, carrots or apples. Juices are ideal for providing nutrients while you’re on a cleanse.

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Take a Supplement

If you can’t incorporate certain foods into your diet, try taking a supplement as a diet substitute. These won’t replace a meal, but adding them to your already nutritious diet can help optimize your health. The best dietary supplement contains a variety of superfoods to infuse you with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Consider a Superfood Powder

When used as a nutritional supplement, superfood powders can be added to smoothies, foods and beverages to round out your diet. Some of these include:

  • Acai – rich in antioxidants and amino acids
  • Cacao – contains high levels of mood-boosting anandamide and magnesium
  • Maca – high in calcium and boosts energy
  • Spirulina – source of iron, vitamin A and calcium
  • Turmeric – reduces inflammation

Eat Healthy Fats

Although many of the health tips that were prevalent in the ‘80s and ‘90s made us fear fats, this nutrient is essential for optimal health. If you don’t consume enough fat, you don’t stay full as long, and you might not get enough nutrients to fuel your body adequately. You might end up reaching for a quick energy fix, such as refined sugar.

Olive oil is high in vitamin E and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Drizzling it over veggies and salads may be preferable to using it in cooking. It has a low smoke point, and the nutrients degrade when they’re exposed to high heat.

Other sources of healthy fats include:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocados
  • Egg yolks
  • Fatty fish
  • Chia seeds

Don’t Forget Grains

Although grains have gotten a bad rap in the world of health tips, whole grains contain compounds that your body needs. Plus, incorporating a good balance of carbs in your diet can improve your energy levels and balance out your metabolism.

Quinoa is often touted as a superfood because it contains more protein than many other grains. Therefore, it will keep you full for longer. Plus, it can be used in a plant-based diet to boost your nutrition without relying on meat.

Steel-cut oats have more fiber and protein than rolled oats. Eating them can stabilize blood sugar levels and help you maintain digestive regularity.

Written by Andrew

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