How to Relieve Stress – 6 Tips

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When you’re feeling stressed, you can feel irritable, restless or downright angry. Finding ways to reduce stress immediately can help you take the edge off. However, many people in today’s society deal with chronic stress, which isn’t as obvious.

These 6 stress management tips can help you relieve stress immediately and maintain balance so that you respond to pressure more calmly and go with the flow of life. Following these stress management techniques can also help you sleep better, which helps keep stress at bay.

1. Learn Some Relaxation Techniques

If someone tells you to relax, it doesn’t always help relieve stress. In fact, it could make your temper flare. Practicing relaxation techniques when you’re feeling tranquil will teach your body how to operate at a calm level. Consistency is key; training your mind and body regularly will help you stay composed when stressors do come about.

Meditation and breathing techniques are easy to learn and practice. You can find thousands of methods on blogs or YouTube. Don’t get overwhelmed. Choose one and practice it until it comes naturally.

2. Stress Management Starts With a Healthy Diet

If you’re not getting the right nutrition, your body might be stressed even if your brain doesn’t notice it. Certain foods and chemicals influence your hormone levels in ways that keep you on edge. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, refined carbohydrates and alcohol can thwart your stress relief efforts. Gradually removing them from your diet and replacing them with healing options, such as bone broth, nutrient-rich smoothies and fresh vegetable juice can calm your physical body and help you think more clearly.

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3. Exercise Moderately to Ease Stress Symptoms

If you’re constantly subjecting your body to demanding workouts, you could be stressing it out more than you think. On the other hand, being a couch potato does nothing to bring about stress relief even if it feels relaxing.

Consider adding some gentle movement into your daily routine. Stretching during a brief yoga session or getting down to your favorite music can go a long way to reduce stress if you do it daily.

4. Do a Brain Dump to Relieve Stress

Stress happens when your body releases cortisol, a chemical that causes a chain reaction throughout your nervous system. Your heart may flutter, and the function of your major organs slows down. Although this is a physical response, it can start in your brain. Doing a brain dump and writing down everything that you’re thinking about at a given moment can take triggering, worrying thoughts out of your mind and reduce stress.

5. Bring Your Attention to Your Body

Once you’ve detached from the cycle of stressful thoughts that plagues you every day, you can bring about further stress relief by focusing on your body. Getting in tune with your physical sensations can make you more mindful of the present moment and less likely to get caught up in worries about the past or future.

6. Feel Your Emotions Physically

Emotions are just chemical reactions—it’s your brain that attributes negative or positive qualities to them. Therefore, if you can stop your mind from making judgments, you can allow your body to process and extinguish the associated emotion. You can do this by focusing on the way that the emotion feels in your body. 

Stress can manifest itself in several ways and wreak havoc on us in nearly every way imaginable. It can wear us down, make us sick, and leave us feeling miserable. Dedicate time each day to let go and give yourself an opportunity to decompress and breathe.

Written by Andrew

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